Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Where's the Dog?

So, yesterday was election day here in our small town. We picked up S at the sitter and drove a few miles to our polling station which put S into a deep slumber. When we got home he was still sleeping so we opened the car door, unbuckled his seat belt and let him finish his nap. By the time he woke up the rest of the family had already been inside, snacked, and made it back outside to play. D must have gotten him out of the car because all I heard was crying for the next 15 minutes while I walked around trying to tame down some of the tall brown stalks that are in the yard. Finally he calms down and goes into the house..the girls come back into the house shortly after and everyone starts to play. I think I cut apples and do some dishes...regular stuff. We go to the basement for family haircuts and play the Wii for awhile...we just go about our afternoon activities. I mentioned earlier that it was election day- well a friend of our was on the ballot for Mayor so we were planning on going to the open house that he was hosting. So, in those few minutes that everyone was ready to go and we were just waiting around D says, "Where's Emmitt?" My heart dropped because I realized that I hadn't seen her since we were all outside and that was few hours ago. It was now 7:00 pm. I said half jokingly, "I hope the FOX didn't eat her up!" and M got all upset...because there has been a fox walking on the wall right outside of our imaginary deck...anyway everyone starts looking for the dog. I check under my bed and then command the kids to go upstairs and look in their beds. They all march up with their mission code while I run down to the garage. I peek through the car window in the backseat where S was sitting- empty. Then I walk to the driver's side and there is Emmitt laying on the front seat... Damn Dog! The kids wind up in the garage shortly after and they were happy to see her. So, if we hadn't gone to vote S wouldn't have fallen asleep in the car and the dog wouldn't have gone in there. But, if we didn't personally know who we were voting for we wouldn't have been going to the party which led us to find the dog in the car in the first place.

I don't have anything profound to say about this post...It was just funny. Maybe what I'm trying to say is that life is a story. It isn't always about where you are but rather the stories that come from the moment. That's life. So, I said something...not so profound but I found something to say....Thanks for reading!

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