Monday, April 6, 2009

Going to the Movies

Saturday afternoon D and I took the kids to see Monsters vs Aliens. I made the mistake of telling them on Friday evening that, “If they were good…then…” As a mom I really should have known better than to tell them in advance because they were wound up with excitement until the next day. As a dad, D was on the right track when he told them that there would be a surprise but I blew it and told them what the surprise was.

So, Saturday morning P wakes up and asks if it’s time to go to the movie theater yet. It was only 7 am. “We will go after lunch,” I tell her. A few minutes later she says, “Can I have lunch now?” She cracks me up. The movie started at 2pm. We left the house at 11:30 because we had some errands to run- one of them being to pick up CANDY for the movie. We got a bag of twizzlers, a bag of peanut M & M’s and a box of malted milk balls. So, in the car D and I plan on how we are going to get all of this candy in the theater without advertising our contraband. Although it has only been in the 40’s neither one of us had a coat. I decide to take my purse (I’m not a purse girl- it’s more like a cloth bag…and I don’t really carry it much) anyway I shove two bags in my purse and then open the box of “chocolate balls” as we call them and start shoving them into the kids’ pockets. M asks why we can’t just take the box with us as I’m explaining the cost of movie theater candy for a family of five. Yeah-great mom- I’m turning my kids into criminals already.

So, we walk in and get a huge tub of buttered popcorn and pop which the 4 of us share. M being the oldest gets a kiddy pack and I make sure she doesn’t sit next to her sister.

The movie was good- I was most impressed with the graphics- the skin on the people looked so real, I mean you could see the tiny lines of texture and it was beautifully flawless. I must say that during the close up scenes I found myself studying their skin and wondering how in the world they do that. We didn’t splurge for the 3D.

When the movie was over we walked out of there without any leftovers. Between the 5 of us we polished off 3 large bags of candy, a ginormica- if that’s how you spell it- portion of popcorn, and a kiddy-pack. On the way out of the theater P says, “I’m hungry” and I ask her how in the world can she be hungry after eating for 2 hours straight? Then when we get on the road we hear, “My tummy hurts!” from each of them before all three kids pass out for the remainder of the ride home. I must say it was a fun family outing- and I didn’t have to cook dinner because everyone including D and I were too sick to eat anything until morning.

Sunday we drove to Davenport and met Grandpa for lunch…then we let the kids run off some steam at the John Deere Museum.

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  1. you forgot the funniest part of the we were walking out and s says to the high school usher in the door, "thanks for the great movie." he was so genuine and matter of fact about it, like a grown man. out little man.