Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Painting Days are Here

Yesterday D had to coach a track meet yesterday and I was a bit anxious about finding something to do with the kids after school. It seems like from 4:00 until 6:00 are the crabbiest times for the children and I knew that all of us would need a structured activity. I decided that it was nice enough outside to paint. So, I poured myself a margarita, gathered the supplies, my camera, and a bucket of water and we were off to work. When the neighbor kids came home they joined in the fun too. I'm just sorry that M decided to play in her room and not join us for the fun.


  1. I myself do not have a blog, however I enjoy reading those of others'. I do apologize for being an anonymous profile signer. My name is Mr. D.C. Nicholas and i enjoy reading about your life. You seem to someone that I could really connect with and have an enjoyable time being around. If you are free sometime to meet or talk I would love the opportunity to get together.
    I love looking at the pictures you have taken. Your landscapes and hardscapes are beautiful as are your children. Any chance you can post a picture of yourself?
    Keep up the nice work........

  2. Oh, I see have come upon a blogger with whom I am familiar with. Good to find you. Your work looks tremendous.

  3. Eww - paint on the tongue!