Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Butt, Stupid, Dumb

"Mom?" M whispers to me on the way home from the park.


"Is Dumb a bad word?"

M just turned 8 and we are trying our best to teach her and her siblings "age appropriate" vocabulary...but shit, I'm frickin' telling you it is fucking tough when other people's god-damn nose picking little shits are running around the playground dropping the F-bomb and calling each other BITCH. At the park, the three other horses assess knew that they were out of line when one of them yelled, "I ain't no BITCH" and immediately looked over at me. I yelled, "HEY! watch your language! My kids don't know those words yet"...and then I smiled and winked at them. Damn it... these A-holes were the same age as M and I wonder where in the hell they are learning such crappy language. Damn parents these days. Thank God mine only know butt, stupid and dumb, Oh,and P stomped off last night with a "geeeshus"... I chalk their sweet innocence up to ME being a fucking polished marble pillar of wholesomeness!

"Mom?" S calls as he runs into the kitchen...


"Can I have more of that poop on a log?"
Poop is NOT a bad word...

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  1. this is very funny...a twist from your "usual" philosophical self. you are starting to show some diversity in your writings. keep up the good work, i enjoy following your life. what are you doing later? maybe we can hook up and chat over a hot cup of joe or tea?

    the poop on those logs does not look healty....and who gives their kids bbq sauce on a cracker as a snack? what the fuck?