Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Watching the World Go By

Saturday was part of “International Weekend.”

8 foreign exchange students for the weekend, a school bus and a myriad of activities for 30 teenagers. I am the club advisor. My three young children accompanied us to our first stop which was the old train depot transformed into a museum. S was fascinated by the large bus window. He pushed his drowsy little face up to the window and just stared out into the world. I thought this picture was meaningful considering we had students from all over the world with us.

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  1. What an amazing photo - I think that this is really about what isn't seen - you, behind the camera, gazing at him; him, mostly hidden except for the reflection; what he is looking at - it is all left to the imagination and so becomes each viewer's very own to create. It says so much precisely because it doesn't say everything - like taking a picture of foot prints left in the sand, or a feather on a new tulip. Those indelible tracks and traces are the story. I love it - like seeing through someone else's eyes. Thanks!