Monday, May 4, 2009

Landscape projects...

I've mentioned our unlandscaped yard on a hill in previous posts. It really is just an open palette right now. D has been combing the property for rocks to hold back the hill. Here is just a portion of the progress. The plan is to seed on the street side of the wall and enjoy the weeds on the upper half again this year. Some day we will plant something above. Too bad we don't live a few miles closer to the city. We were rejected from the landscaping shows on HGTV for being too far away.
I just keep reminding myself of the natural beauty that resides on the property.
These are apple blossoms. The tree is a scrawny little thing that sits on the edge of the fence line. It was hurt when the bulldozers cleared the land. Last year it bore 6 apples.
I love all of these. And thankfully we have an excuse to keep our "socially unacceptable" weeds for yet another year!
I love the shadow on this one. Lovely little weed!


  1. Beautiful photos!

  2. Who is doing your landscaping? They seem to have a tremendous eye and knowledge of natural scapes. Good luck with the project, it looks very nice, and your photos are beautiful.

  3. Anon #1 Thank you!

    Anon #2 Uh, nice try...commenting anonymously...YOU are doing the landscaping! I can tell by the way you talked yourself up there (tremendous eye and knowledge of natural scapes) ha ha...I know it's you D.

  4. ?? your above comment. dont know what you are talking about. i do thank anon #2 for the comments. it is always nice to read positive remarks about your work...thank you. hopefully here forward continues to show the progress of the work to completion for you. hint hint.