Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Garden challenges (before-after)

A few weeks ago I posted a picture of some work I had done for my vegetable garden. After spending some time watching the sun I realized that the spot remained in the shade for most of the morning and than again in the late afternoon. So I gave up for a week and helped D haul stones from up the hill in the back of the house down to the street for his landscaping project. This week we decided to clean up the area near the driveway and use that as my garden.
We used leftover paving stones from the project two summers ago.
Most of the hill is mulched trees from when we built the house 3 years ago. I threw in some sand from the sandbox and half a bag of dirt that I had.
The area is so rocky in part because of the gravel that got pushed halfway down the hill from the blacktop job and the rest is just nature. After searching the property for better dirt and even taking the wheelbarrow into the woods in search of dirt I surrendered and bought 8 bags of topsoil and two bags of fertilized dirt in which I surrounded my first 5 plants.
Here's my favorite tomato plant. Grow baby grow!


  1. looks nice...and like a lot of hard work. d made you haul all of the rocks from the hill?.....that was nice of you to do, he should have done it himself. i'll be the second to say "grow baby grow!" good luck, and happy tom-a-to eatin'

  2. that's a lot of work - nice job! love your blog & your positive attitude. thanks for visiting my blog! signing up to follow you now :)

  3. Hello *waves*

    Saw today that you began to follow my blog, and thought I'd stop by to say hi. Your garden is lovely. Sadly I have a black thumb and cannot grow a thing, but in having one I admire those who can grow things, that much more.

    Going to follow you right back, if you don't mind :)

  4. Penny Lane: I was hoping you would stop by so that I could tell you that I really liked your post "Why be normal?" I think I can relate in many ways. I was going to leave you a comment but your blog didn't allow me to do that...