Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Baby Birds on the Horizon

Yesterday evening all three kids came running into the house proclaiming that baby chicks had been born. So I go out onto the deck and peep through the cracks of the deck to discover 4 baby birds and one white egg in a nest. I think my camera did pretty well focusing through such a small space.
The front deck is a great place to sit. You can see the horizon for 180. This is looking to the right. Northeast maybe? I don't know...I guess I'm not "straight" as D's grandma would call it.
This is straight ahead...and unfortunately you cannot see the beautiful quilted pattern of the landscape. Oftentimes hot air balloons can be seen from this view.
This is looking to the left...I know this is west because the sunsets from this view are stunning.


  1. LOVE the photo of the baby bird! What amazing views...want company? ;-)

  2. yes...what tremendous views....very panoramic. do you want company? how are the birds doing? what about your landscaping, how's it coming along?

  3. The baby birds are so cute!!