Friday, May 1, 2009

Calling All Fairies!!! What do you do with the tooth?

I once read a children's book explaining the customs that differing cultures have for dealing with a lost tooth. Many cultures have a rat that visits, takes the tooth, and leaves something behind in return. But, the one that I liked the best, maybe because I have a simple and scrooge-like personality, was simply throwing the tooth on the roof of the house as "good luck."

So, M lost another tooth last night. She was extremely proud of herself and excited to let me photograph her moment. We had a nostalgic minute, (I did at least), as I reminded her of how proud I was when that tooth began to bud 7 years ago...and now it was being replaced...

I helped her arrange the tooth (for easy removal) under her pillow and put her to bed. I won't go into details but it wasn't my best work. After several botched attempts, the exchange was complete and I was left with the tooth, and the question of what to do with it. The last tooth I threw off the deck and it landed in the sand. I thought of the book and the many cultures that shared the idea of throwing it on the roof. D told me to "put it in the cupboard above your toilet." Uh, that would be the one with the feminine products. I guess it's as good as any other until later today when I throw it back to the earth. I guess that's just another reason to be thankful that we live on a huge wide open unlandscaped hill.

So, what do YOU do with the tooth?

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