Friday, June 12, 2009

Well, we weren't really lost...

We went for a drive the other day and discovered a section of the countryside that we had never seen before. It stretched all the way to the Mississippi River and back around to where we live. While back inside this piece of our world it felt as though we were far away from home, on vacation, in another world for awhile. "I think this is where that body was found," said D as we rounded a tight dark corner. We had read about it for weeks and the trial ended in a conviction. I'm sure that whoever did the awful crime thought that nobody would find her it did indeed seem like such a remote part of the world, even to us being only a few miles from home. When we finally came out from the winding roads onto the main highway, a familiar spot it all made sense as to where we were for that short time. I was taken by the two trains that crossed our path.


  1. I like this entry, but the dead body comment makes the whole thing seem pretty spooky.

  2. I love that you've chosen this blog as a way to stay positive and grateful. How wonderful. It's fun finding neat places where you've never visited before.

  3. I'm thinking of Stand By Me, for some reason. Nice entry. The photos make me feel like I'm there.