Monday, June 1, 2009

Ongoing Landscape Projct (before-after)

Here is another installment of our landscape project...remember we live on a steep rocky hill. The manufactured stones in the back were put in two summers ago. Last summer we took some time off. D has done most of the hard labor. I have been the one to search the premises for usable stones. When I find them I dig them up with a broken hoe and then tip them over gently to let the bugs go on their way before bringing them down the hill for D to stack. I did a lot of weeding this weekend...not on this particular segment of the project...



  1. Holy crap!!! That is amazing. I love to landscape but have never, NEVER done anything remotely close to that. Kuddos to you!!!!

  2. Thanks!! I"m a great photographer aren't I?!! ha ha the credit really must go to my landscaper D...he's also my husband. I was just the gopher and the weeder here!