Sunday, November 21, 2010

Scavenger Hunt Sunday

This is my first week participating in Scavenger Hunt Sunday. I have to admit that I've been lurking for a few weeks because I didn't think I could handle 5 new photos that I was willing to post in a week. So, here goes.

A necklace that hangs on my rear view mirror that my daughter made.
The View Above: Standing above an old bell that sits outside of a local church

Something Hot

Something cold from the archives.
Electronic: With my husband being in charge of all the technology at work I was able to sneak in his room to snap some pictures this week. I had some really cool shots of the inside of computers and tons of wires and some real behind the scenes electronic stuff. I was squeezing behind furniture and sticking my arm through small spaces to get the perfect shot. And at the end of it all this is all I got. It would sound more exciting to say that the other photos were confiscated by security since I felt like a spy in there but the real reason was that the lighting was horrible and I was unable to edit any of them to my liking.


  1. Sparkle and hot are really nice!

  2. I them all, but I am really liking the cold shot. Even though it's not that time of year, it makes me want to go buy one! Yum! Thanks for stopping by!

  3. I think your view from above is my fave but I don't know why you've taken so long to join. Your photos are great. I hope you'll keep coming back!

  4. Great job! It was my first week as well and I think you did much better than me. :) Love the sparkle!

  5. wow - dedication to get an electronic shot!
    I love the sparkle. what a bright colorful and happy photo

  6. Never heard of scavenger hunt Sunday! That sounds like something fun to try some time. Good job and thanks for the inspiration.