Friday, October 23, 2009

I love bugs!

The other day it was warm outside and the ladybugs came out of the woodwork. Funny but they really do. They hide underneath the siding on the house and when it gets warm they come out and start trucking up and down the house.

It was difficult the photograph them because they were so busy crawling all over the place. I'm not sure where they were going or what they were trying to accomplish but with my camera only inches away I had to move my hand right along with them to capture these photos.
The entire house gets covered like this on a warm fall day. I know that the title of this post is "I love bugs" but I don't love bugs INSIDE the house. So, when they come inside the house and cover the walls and doors I suck them up with the vacuum cleaner. (sorry!) I'll get indoor photos this weekend of their favorite little huddle spots.
This photo is my favorite.
...and who ate all my decorative corn?


  1. Love your bug shots! I want to get better close-up insect shots. Always end up thinking "not good enough, not good enough..." Did YOU eat your corn? LOL!