Monday, July 6, 2009

Trip Home Part 1

Here are some pictures of my trip home last week. All went well (for the most part). My parents dropped the news that they have decided to move into a condo/nursing home. It's one of those places where all they have to do is say the word and there are people there to help. I could tell that my mom wasn't being genuine when she said how happy she was about it. I told her that I was happy that they were happy but I wasn't thrilled that they would be selling the house. Even though I've been out of their house for over 20 years it is still "home" to me. It will be strange to visit home and have to stay in a hotel in a strange suburb miles from where I grew up. But then again, it's not about me. I get that...

Clevleland, Ohio

Reflection of the Terminal Tower
Rock and Roll Hall of Fame
The kids were very curious about all of the garbage in the water. They spent the better part of an hour calling out the things they could find. It was like playing "Where's Waldo?" The other highlights of the day were the revolving doors at the museum and the escalator at the mall...we sure are raising small town kids! I'm happy that they were able to see and digest some city life and culture.

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  1. Sorry to hear about your childhood home being sold. What a shock. Hopefully your mom and dad will find happiness in their new place.

    Your photos of the city are great! Like the way you viewed the buildings and the splashy colors of the umbrellas. As for the garbage in the water...glad the kids were able to make a game out of it! It's fun raising small-town kids, but giving them opportunities to see the big cities too. (Of course our kids then decided to move to the biggest cities they could find... go figure..)