Thursday, July 16, 2009

Balloons Over The House

We were eating dinner on the front deck when one of the kids noticed these two in the distance. Usually they just disappear on the horizon after a few minutes and we all go back to our daily lives...but...

they kept getting closer and closer. You can see this one nearing the house across the street. One of them actually went down for a landing not to far from the house but they later changed their mind and started airing up again.
Here they come. The big question from the kids was, "are they gonna hit the house?" or maybe I said that, I don't know.
It was complete chaotic excitement when this one came right over the house and we waved at each other. It was even quiet and close enough to hear them talking!
The second balloon slid by in the trees next to the house...then the whole family (5 of us) ran out to the back of the house to see if we could follow them up the hill. They were going faster then we could move so I had the bright idea to jump into the car and follow them. The kids were jumping up and down screaming and as we all piled into the car in a matter of seconds...

We followed both of them for a few country miles and finally settled on watching this one navigate itself over a cornfield.

and safely into the grass. It was quite an adrenaline rush! I felt like a storm chaser!


  1. I love hot air balloons, and would absolutely love to ride in one sometime - awesome!

  2. It is quite refreshing to find a blog that is dedicated to moving forward by seeing the good in every day. I enjoy your posts. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Yeah, me too Tug. Around here they give you champaigne and chocolate upon landing!

    Anon...Thanks this has helped me a lot in my life. Makes me think of living IN THE MOMENT and not dwelling on the past. I'm actually thinking of deleting the FORWARD element because I have found that it is more important to relish the moment and find the importance of every single moment. Worrying and planning to far in the future takes away from RIGHT NOW... Just this morning my son was eating a chocolate doughnut and between each bite he asked, "who is going to eat the last doughnut? Can I have it? Don't eat it..." and he shoved the one he was eating in his mouth. When he finally finished I told him that he could NOT eat the last donut...he complained. But, this is just a classic example of how he was unable to enjoy the moment because he was so worried about the future.
    I haven't posted in awhile...this just might be my post for today. I'm glad you stopped by! Thanks!