Thursday, May 2, 2013

Blog Thoughts And Old Photos

So, I was looking back at all my blog posts and noticed some things. I think my best work is from the first year because of the amount of thought and intention in each one. Many of the pictures are close ups and reflect how in the moment I was and on the smaller details of life. Many photos show how patient I focused I was. I don't know, maybe it's just because I'm personally attached to those experiences? Over the years I've slowly grown away from this blog. I've stepped away and I more able to see the bigger picture in life. It seems like what I photograph is similar.  Maybe not though. 

Today's photos are from my camera roll on my phone. (I desperately need to back these up) They were taken here and there...and screamed "upload me today."  that's why I chose them out of the 1000s on my phone. 
Trees at the bottom of creek.  It was a refreshing downhill climb to get here.
Have you see the movie where the guy goes rock climbing and gets his arm stuck and ends up cutting it off in order to escape? (85 Hours or something like that)This poor snake reminds me of that movie.  He finally made it out after 48 hours. (And he didn't tear himself either.) 
Last fall I spotted this rainbow right outside of my front deck.  It's heavily saturated to show the color but I love it!!
Proud proud moment! 
Drunk in a bar taking pictures of the signage in the bathroom. 
Male tree.
Female tree.

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